I Love You ( by Fenny West)

i love you



I Love You

Alone on a long
And winding road
Leading to nowhere 
I trekked 
and trekked
And trekked
My world in my hands.
And my hands on my head.
And I thought:
“Where am I going?
Where is my husband?
Where are my children?
Where is my family?
Where are my friends?
Where are my loved ones?
Does anyone care?
Then there was a sudden sunrise
I lifted up my eyes to the sky
And He said, “I love you,
More than you know.
The road may be long, lonely
Arduous, treacherous ;
The weather may be cold
Tempestuous and wild.
But I Am always with you.
I will never leave you,
Nor forsake you,
Because you are mine.
I am your Maker and your Husband.
I am the friend that sticks closer than a brother.
I am your friend to the end,
A friend born for adversity.
I am your Lover to the end.
I have tattooed you on my hands
And will never forget you.
More shall be your children
Than the married woman.
You will be the mother of nations.
Your children shall come from afar. 
Kings shall come to the brightness of your rising.
So arise, shine 
Because your light has come
And the glory of the Lord
Has risen upon You!”

He made my day
And I burst out with a song –
A song of praise and a song 
Of Thanksgiving and a song of worship

©Fenny West 22/5/19

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