Never Live Your Life On Likes (by Fenny West)

Never Live Your Life On Likes

Never Live Your Life On Likes. 
Live your life on your purpose. 
Live your life on the Word of Life. 
Be not perturbed by those who oppose. 

As many as are led by the Spirit, 
These are the offsprings of God. 
As many as are led to do His will, 
These are the children of God. 

Be not conformed to the World, 
Be transformed by a mind renewed. 
You are in the world but not of this world. 
Be proud that you have a New life, regenerated. 

Know who you are and Whose you are
You are born again, a priest and a king
So wherever you are shine as a star 🌟 
When the storms and rains come, sing. 

Sing like Paul and Silas in Philippi
Sing and praise with reckless abandon
In everything, give thanks to the Most High
Who’s given you authority and dominion. 

Dare to be different, to make a difference! 

Fenny West