I am Born of God ( by Fenny West)

new birth,new life

I am Born of God 

And Born of the Word-

The Word of life 

The Word that’s Truth. 

I hail from above;

I am born by Love 

Born to love as He loves

Born for works that are good

Born to show forth His glory 

Born to bring Him praise and honour

I am born a God-kind 

Born with Christ’s mind. 

I am a New Creature 

Born with the divine nature. 

I am a New Creation 

I’m a brand new man. 

Old things have passed away 

I am born again by the Way 

By the Word, into the way. 

I am born as a light of the world

Born to shine brightly in the World

Born as the salt of the earth 

Born to give good taste-flavour

Born to imitate Him-show and shower favour. 

I was born as a City on a hill

My greatness cannot be hidden. 

I am born to do God’s will

Born to populate heaven;

Born to plunder hell. 

I was born as His hands and feet

Born with all I need, so I am complete. 

Born with a divine agenda and purpose

Born to accomplish my mission and vision

Regardless of those who oppose. 

I was born a living stone;

Born to come boldly to the throne. 

I am born into royalty 

Born of the essence of life – reality. 

I am born to bring good news 

Born to dispel darkness 

Born to bring God’s brightness 

Born to make way for others

Born to follow divine orders. 

Born to let His Kingdom come

Born to let His will be done.

When Grace Appears ( by Fenny West)


When Grace Appears

Law disappears

Protocols are irrelevant; canceled;

Connections are disconnected;

Powers are dwarfed and cowered

Condemnation is reversed to acceptance;

Hopelessness is turned into hopefulness.

When Grace Appears,

Salvation appears,

Condemnation disappears ;

Beauty replaces ashes;

The oil of joy replaces mourning;

The garment of praise

displaces the spirit of heaviness;

And storms are calmed.

When Grace Appears,

Disgrace disappears

Fears disappear

And Boldness comes ;

Light comes

Life comes,

NO is turned into yes.

Do you have a case that seems difficult

Protracted, impossible and hopeless?

Come to GRACE


Grace will appear for you as your Advocate,

And you will not lose your case.

You will come out victorious;

Your tables will turn for good and

You will sing a New Song.