I am the Light of this World ( by Fenny West)

I am the Light of this World



I am the light of this world

I am called to make a difference

Because of His presence

I’m light of this world.

I’m the light of this world

Born again of the Word

Born to light up my world

Born to glorify the Lord.

I’m the light of this world

Because I’m born from above

Because I’m born of Love

Born to always love.

I’m the light of this world

I am born to make my mark

Born to shine brighter in the dark

Because I’m light of this world

I’m light of this world

And a city on a hill

My greatness cannot be hidden

My presence will always thrill.

I’m the light of this world

Born to give life a meaning

Born to follow His bidding

And in all I do winning.

I am the light of this world

Born to emit energy

Born to bring unity

Born to bring synergy.

I’m light of this world

Born to bring enlightenment

Born to bring empowerment

Born to bring increment.

I am a light of this world

Born to bring in new seasons

Of peace, joy and love;

Of healing, health and wealth.

I am the light of this world

I get my light from the Light

The Light that lighted the world

The Word that lighted all men.

I’m the salt of this earth

I am here to give flavour

All because of His favour

To make men His Name adore.

I am the salt of the earth

I am born for preservation

I am born for restoration

And sanctification

I am the salt of the earth

Called to turn around all dearth;

I am called out for seasoning

Called to defy all reasoning

Sing a New Song ( Fenny West)

Sing a New Song

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As Light of the World… ( by Fenny West)

As the Light of this World… 

You are a Light of this world. I created you in My image. I made you a partaker of My divine nature through your knowledge of Me. I made you an inheritor of My exceeding great and precious promises. 
I lit your light, translating you from the Kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light, to radiate My glory and brightness wherever you go and regardless of the circumstances.

You are the light of this world. As I am, so you are in this world. Yes, you are in this world, but you are not of this world.

Therefore let your light so shine in darkness that men will see your good works and glorify Me. 

Refuse to be conformed to this world or be shaped into its mould. Know that you are different and called to made a remarkable difference. So Make make your mark; make your calling an election sure; make an indelible mark, because of My life in your life and the power of the Holy Spirit and My Word in you, that is Spirit and life.

The darker the night or darkness, the brighter your light should shine. Be not overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good. By this shall all men know that you are my disciple, my ambassador and my minister. And when you are hard-pressed on all sides know that just as hard pressure on carbon produces diamond, your diamond is in the offing. Know that you know, that you know, you will not be crushed, because greater is He that is you than he that is in this world. Know that your life is hidden in Christ in God. Know that you are the apple of My eyes and whoever touches you touches Me. Know that angelic hosts are on an assignment on your behalf.

When men are saying, “There is depression, there is inflation, there is recession, stagnation, even retrogression,” you will be saying, like Joshua and Caleb,” These circumstances will be bread to me, There is promotion, there is opportunity, there is favour, there is advantage, there is revelation, there is insight  and advancement.” You shall not say what you see in the physical realm or how you feel, but what you see in the spirit realm. You will say what you hear Me say and see me say. And you will do what you see Me do. You will take steps of Faith to please Me. The just shall live by faith. You will walk by faith and not sight. You shall decree a thing and it shall be established. You will command as a king and see it come to pass. You will take your rightful place and exercise dominion because all things are yours and you are my heir and a joint heir with Christ. You hail from above. You are a son of God. 

You are a Light of this world. Rejoice when you are persecuted like the saints of old. Be glad when you are counted worthy to partake of My sufferings. You will also partake in my glory. For the Suffering of this present life cannot be compared to the glory that is coming to you. So be steadfast and immovable, knowing that I am for you, in you and with you. Say, to yourself, “This fire will refine and fine-tune me to come forth like gold and be more like my Master. 
” I refuse to look at that which is seen. For the things I see are temporary. I look at the unseen realities. Because the things which are seen are temporary, but the things unseen are eternal.”

You are a Light of this World. Give warmth, energy, and exude joy, peace, love, healing kindness, self-control and generosity. Give hope to the hopeless. Be an instrument of peace and reconciliation. 

As the light of the world, Speak words of healing, hope, health; light, life, love; promotion, progression and possibility. Treasure My Word like Job did. Acquaint yourself with Me like he did. And good will always come to you and from you. Then you will lay up gold as dust. Out of darkness, your light will blaze forth with power like a sun. No one can quench your light. No one can contain you. No one can stop you. 

You are the salt of the earth. You are commissioned to give flavour wherever you go. Let your steps be ordered to bring good news. Your testimonies shall lift others and birth other testimonies. 

You are for seasoning, to make things taste good, delicious, sumptuous and mouth-watering. Make other people’s stories taste great and wonderful. Give meaning to other people’s lives. Be a sources of good news, a harbinger of joy unspeakable and full of glory.

As salt of the earth be a sanitiser, refresher and restorer. Be Medicinal. Bring a solution and cure to incurable situations. Be a Solution Centre. You are My hands and my feet and my Voice. Go to the nooks and crannies, byways and highways. Be not ashamed of the gospel. It is My power to save, deliver, keep against that day. And as you open your mouth I will fill it with words of life, words of wisdom, words of divine Direction.

You are are a city on a hill. Your greatness and magnificent edifice cannot be hidden. No one can muzzle or emasculate you. Dominate the “skyline” in your world. You are a lighthouse to point people to Me. Those who are wise and lead many to righteousness shall shine as stars. They know their God and they do great exploits. They redeem the time, knowing that the day is far spent and the night comes when no man can work. 

As light shine like Daniel and his friends in a foreign land. Distinguish yourself as they did. Devote yourself as they did. Refuse to bow to the golden images of this world as they did. And I will promote you and elevate you and honour you and make you ten times better than your compatriots. You will be head-hunted, sought after as a gem. You will stand before Kings and not mere men because of your excellence, virtuosity and distinction. You will be brought into places of leadership where you will shine even more to my glory. Every opposition you face will bring promotion like Joseph’s opposition brought promotion. And those who do not believe will see signs and wonders that will cause them to give glory to your Maker, just like the pagan King did in Daniel’s time. You will not fear any evil or furnace heated seven times hotter than usual into which you are thrown. The fire will set you free to fulfill vision. I will make a banquet for you even in the presence of your enemies. Out of any darkness, I will bring forth light. Persecution will bring promotion. Opposition will bring progression, just like the gospel was spread further as the disciples were dispersed from persecution. Nothing can stop you. Your light affliction which is but for a moment will be working for you an exceeding weight of eternal glory. Because all things work together for good to those who love Me and are the called according to purpose. 

You are a Light of this World. Empower wherever you go. Enhance, improve wherever you go. Multiply and replenish wherever you go. Have dominion, bring increment, advancement and improvement. Bring creativity and innovation from the insight you receive from My Spirit. See cash where others see trash. See beauty where others see dungeon. See glory where others see ashes and the gory. 

As the light of the world, bring synergy beyond energy. Know when and where to collaborate with others of like precious faith to trigger synergy, knowing that 1 shall put 1000 to flight and 2 shall put 10,000 to flight. 

As the light of the World, know that you are born for signs and wonders. You are a tree of righteousness destined to become a forest. As you go in My name I will go before you to make crooked places straight. I will confirm My words with signs following. Your presence will be a sign of good things to come. And as you take steps of Faith, there will be signs and wonders. You will change the decrees of Kings like Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego. 

As the light of this world, you are for seasons wherever you go. You determine the season. You will determine the “spiritual temperature.” Where there was a season of struggle, storm and turmoil, you will bring a season of ease, calmness and peace. 
Where there was a season of pain you will bring a season of relief, healing and health. Wherever there was a season of doubt, unbelief and fear, you will bring a season of hope, Faith and assurance. 
Where there was lack, you will bring a season of plenty, generosity, liberality and this will spread like wildfire and snowball all around. And My Name shall be glorified. 

This is your reason for being:
Light of the World, Beacon, lighthouse, livingstone, My co-labourer, My Ambassador, of the Royal priesthood, Holy nation, Saint, partaker of my nature, my righteousness, wisdom, city on a hill, salt of the earth, my hands and my feet, my voice, My disciple, of  My chosen generation, Masterpiece, created for good works, made a king to reign with Me.

As the Light of the World(1) ( by Fenny West)



As Light of the World 
As light of the world, illuminate;
Give direction, and innovation. 
Wherever you go, Dominate; 
Let the world see your progression. 

As light of the world, let your light shine 
In season and even out of season. 
Ensure you’re bearing fruit at all times. 
Whether in prison or out of prison. 

As Light of the World

Never ever be overcome by evil 
But overcome every evil with good. 
So doing, you defeat the foe-the devil. 
Make the sword of the Spirit your food.

I am Born of God ( by Fenny West)

new birth,new life

I am Born of God 

And Born of the Word-

The Word of life 

The Word that’s Truth. 

I hail from above;

I am born by Love 

Born to love as He loves

Born for works that are good

Born to show forth His glory 

Born to bring Him praise and honour

I am born a God-kind 

Born with Christ’s mind. 

I am a New Creature 

Born with the divine nature. 

I am a New Creation 

I’m a brand new man. 

Old things have passed away 

I am born again by the Way 

By the Word, into the way. 

I am born as a light of the world

Born to shine brightly in the World

Born as the salt of the earth 

Born to give good taste-flavour

Born to imitate Him-show and shower favour. 

I was born as a City on a hill

My greatness cannot be hidden. 

I am born to do God’s will

Born to populate heaven;

Born to plunder hell. 

I was born as His hands and feet

Born with all I need, so I am complete. 

Born with a divine agenda and purpose

Born to accomplish my mission and vision

Regardless of those who oppose. 

I was born a living stone;

Born to come boldly to the throne. 

I am born into royalty 

Born of the essence of life – reality. 

I am born to bring good news 

Born to dispel darkness 

Born to bring God’s brightness 

Born to make way for others

Born to follow divine orders. 

Born to let His Kingdom come

Born to let His will be done.

When Grace Appears ( by Fenny West)


When Grace Appears

Law disappears

Protocols are irrelevant; canceled;

Connections are disconnected;

Powers are dwarfed and cowered

Condemnation is reversed to acceptance;

Hopelessness is turned into hopefulness.

When Grace Appears,

Salvation appears,

Condemnation disappears ;

Beauty replaces ashes;

The oil of joy replaces mourning;

The garment of praise

displaces the spirit of heaviness;

And storms are calmed.

When Grace Appears,

Disgrace disappears

Fears disappear

And Boldness comes ;

Light comes

Life comes,

NO is turned into yes.

Do you have a case that seems difficult

Protracted, impossible and hopeless?

Come to GRACE


Grace will appear for you as your Advocate,

And you will not lose your case.

You will come out victorious;

Your tables will turn for good and

You will sing a New Song.

Now the Day is Far Spent ( by Fenny West)

Now the Day is Far Spent

Now the day is far spent. 
Night is creeping upon us. 
Soon we’ll see the Day of the Lord, 
Coming, rushing upon us. 
O that we would see the rainbow 
On the cloud, a sign to us. 
Faithful God, who keeps His promise 
Coming even as He said. 

May we work while it is day, Lord
In the night no man can work. 
Always doing what You say, Lord. 
Standing always on the Rock. 
O That we would see the good field. 
Vast and plenteous with harvest. 
That we would join hand to hand, 
Reaping precious souls for God. 

Now we’ll raise the banner of praise, 
For our God, Who is the Most-High 
Regardless of what the world says 
As our Greet His eyes. 
Fill us O, Holy Spirit 
Ignite us Refiner’s Fire 
Renew us, Revive us, O Lord 
Here we come, Lord, here we come

It’s Time to Arise and Shine ( by Fenny West)

It’s Time to Arise and Shine

It’s Time to arise and move.
It’s time to take the gauntlet.
It’s, time to take the bull by the horn.
It’s time to enter in and possess your possession.
It’s Time to put the enemy under your feet.
It’s time to give glory to Him Who has called you out of darkness into His marvellous light.
It’s time to press on for the finishing line.
Take a new impetus; a new anointing and move, ferociously; move, with your face like a flint. Go boldly, where angels dread. Go, knowing that the Lord is with you and is your wisdom and strength. Know the Lord is in you, with you and for you. Know that His angelic hosts have been sent forth to assist you. In fact He Himself has gone ahead of you to make crooked paths straight. When you go through the water, you will not drown. When you go through the fire, the flame will not kindle upon you. Like Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego, you will come forth, shining like gold. Like Job of old, you will boldly say, “Though He tries me, yet will I trust Him. And when He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold.”
That will be your testimony. No principalities or powers will be able to undermine, defeat or silence you; they cannot dominate or defeat you or intimidate you.
You are going places. I am taking you to a New threshold of Faith, a new threshold of accomplishment, a new threshold of praise.

Use my Name boldly. In My Name, you shall cast out demons. You shall decree a thing in My Name and it shall be done. You shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. If you drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt you because you have the life of God in you. That same Spirit Who raised Jesus from the dead indwells you and will make alive, vitalize your mortal body. 
Be not afraid. Be undaunted. Be strong in Me and in my mighty power. Greater is He that is in you than he that is the world. You are more than a conqueror. 
Arise, Shine! For the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. Yes, there will be gross darkness, but the darker the night the more your light will shine. And you will go places and glorify Me. Kings shall come to the brightness of your rising. Foreigners are coming to build your walls. They are coming with their silver and gold. Silver and gold belong to Me and they will not be a hindrance of all your plans for the extension of my Kingdom. 
Go with this increased grace for multiplication to an exponential degree. Your spheres of influence are now enlarged. Go for it. Go for gold. Possess your possession. 

Your Future Is Bright ( Fenny West)

Your Future Is Bright

Your Future is Bright 

Because you are born of God 

Do not forsake your birth-right. 

Stay focused and glued to the Word. 

Do not believe lying Vanities. 

Say what the Word says about you. 

Accept what the Word says about you. 

Whoever is born of God overcomes the world. 

You are more than a conqueror 

You have overcome them

Because greater is He that is in you

Than he that is in the world. 

If God be for you, who can be against you?

You are in the world but not of this world. 

Therefore be not conformed to this world,

But be transformed by the renewing of your mind. 

Mind not earthly things but things above. 

Earthly things are temporary, passing away. 

The things that seen are fleeting, transient 

But the things that are not seen are eternal. 

Know who you are and Whose you are. 

You are not ordinary or just natural.

Know you are born to be a shining star. 

You are peculiar and supernatural. 

Wear your coat of many colours

And be proud of who are and whose you are

It matters not your skin colour 

You were created in the image of God. 

God does not create what is not good. 

When He made you He saw you as, “very good.” 

Do not demean what He has esteemed. 

Your future is bright and secure. 

So whatsoever is true, just and pure, 

Whatsoever is good and admirable, 

Whatsoever is honest and lovable, 

If there be anything of good report, 

If there be anything lovely, beautiful, 

Wonderful, excellent, virtuous, glamorous

Outstanding, impeccable, glorious, 

Dwell on such things; think of such things. 

Seize the bright future ordained for you. 

Do your utmost to appropriate it. 

Maximise every moment, appreciate it. 

Give your best to become the best of you. 

Bring out the best that is hidden in you. 

Bring out the treasures of darkness. 

Bring out the hidden riches in secret places. 

Bring out the abundance of the seas. 

Christ was God’s best,

 given for you to give your best. 

So, regardless of the test

You are more than able. 

You are unconquerable. 

You are indomitable 

No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. 

Whatever you lay your hands to do shall prosper.