He is God Above All (by Fenny West)

He is God Above All

He is God Above All 

The Creator of all

Both Great and small-

All condemned in the fall. 

He is God all by Himself – 

Self-sufficient, self-existent 


Omnipresent, Omnipotent 


He is incomparable 

And inexhaustible 

And indomitable 

And exceedingly 

abundantly able,

And adorable. 

He is faithful, merciful, beautiful 

Powerful, wonderful, awesome

Worthy, mighty, majestic, very great

Almighty, breath-taking, very high

He is love personified 

The Best of the best

The excellent One

The Preeminent One

Greater than the greatest, 

Higher than the highest, 

Bigger than the biggest, 

Stronger than the strongest.