How Long? ( by Fenny West)

How Long Will It Be Ere They Believe me? Num14:11

Be not confused by the old language.

How long will it be before you believe me?
Why would you because of mercies unseen doubt My parentage?
How can you easily forget My countless mercies, like the ten spies?
How can you easily forget that My mercies are new every morning and great is My faithfulness?

Sarah was in this place and got Abraham to compromise.Gen16

Abraham was in this place and was depressed under the impression that Eliezer would be his heir. Unbelief also caused him to lie protect himself. Gen12 & 15

But I was merciful and reassured him, reaffirmed my covenant and even changed his name to line up with My will for him.Gen17

I called the thing which be not as though it was. And that is the nature of faith. The just shall live by faith. I used the heavens to paint a picture of the greatness in store for him and he believed. Gen15

He turned the corner even after the mistake of fathering Ishmael. In the fullness time, at the set time, I gave him laughter ( Isaac). Gen21

That son at his old age meant everything to him-apple of his eyes. So I put him to the test: “Take now your son, your beloved son to a place I will show you and sacrifice him…” Gen22

He obeyed and left immediately. He passed his test with flying colours. Why? He had learned that great is My faithfulness. I am not One Who lies. Heaven and earth would pass away but not one tittle of My word will fall to the ground without fulfilment. I do not bring to the time of birth and shut the womb.


You Are Blessed (by Fenny West)

You are blessed

Blessed with the blessing of Abraham.

No weapon fashioned, concocted or contrived against you shall prosper.

You are blessed in your going out and in your coming in.

You are blessed with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places.

The blessing of the Lord shall pursue you and overtake you. You will be head and shoulders above your peers.

Whatever you lay your hands to do shall prosper, to the glory of God.

No curse shall alight on you.

You are blessed and highly favoured, walking in victory and not in defeat. God is the strength of your life. He daily loads you with benefits to enjoy. Your life is filled with the goodness of God. He leads you to your green pastures and still waters.

Your path shines ever brighter to the full light of day. Your life goes from glory to glory as the glory of the latter house surpasses the former.

You are blessed in your finances. You are blessed in your family. Your business is blessed. Your mind is blessed. Your body is blessed with health and longevity.

All your organs, systems, muscles, ligaments, bones, cells, blood stream, veins, arteries etc are in perfect working condition. They have health and vitality. The same Spirit that l raised Christ from the dead in dwells your body and gives life, vibrance and vitality to your whole being. No infirmity shall see your face or come near you. Your hands are blessed hands, healing, going about doing good as you stretch it forth. The words of your mouth are spirit and life–giving life an giving life a meaning, healing the sick, bringing  joy unspeakable and full of glory.  The Christ in you is your hope of glory. Your hope is eternal. It cannot be disappointed or dashed. Against natural hope you will continually have supernatural Hope from the God of Hope.

God has opened the storehouse of His good treasure for you and you will not lack anything good.

Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life. There shall always be an open heaven for you.

Before you ask, God will hear you. And He will answer while you are still speaking.

You are a tree planted by the rivers of water and you will bring forth your fruit in due season. Your leaves shall never wither and whatever you do shall prosper.

You shall decree a thing and it shall be established. When others are saying there is a casting down, you will say there is a lifting up; there is promotion; there is elevation, increase, progression, expansion, prosperity.

Kings are coming to the brightness of your rising. Foreigners are coming to build up your walls. You will milk the breast of Kings.

You are blessed and you are a blessing to all around you and even those far and wide – the world over.

You are a tree of righteousness, destined to be a forest. You will bring smiles and joy to the hearts of many who will come to know you and be acquainted with you.

You will flourish like a palm tree because you are planted in the house of the Lord. You will bring forth fruit even in your old age. In fact you will be like vintage wine, becoming better and sweeter with age.

Your light shall not be dimmed any day. Everything shall work together for your good. Those who come against you in one way will flee in seven ways. You will leave  a glorious legacy to the glory of God.

Every seed you plant will bring a great harvest. You will always sow on good grounds. You will never lack seed to Sow. As you Sow, you you will be overtaken by your time of reaping.

As you Sow precious seeds you will doubtless return with a great harvest. As you have given, it shall be given back to you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over.

You have a sound mind and a sound body functioning to the perfection God made it.

You are filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit. You are daily anointed with fresh oil to do the works of God ordained for you before the world began. This anointing in you shall break and destroy yokes and lift burdens. According to the power at work within you God shall do exceeding abundantly far beyond your highest prayers, beyond your imagination or wildest dreams.

As He is so you are. You will tread on high places–doing mighty things, doing miracles, signs and wonders. Your life shall be a testimony that will Challenge other saints.

You shall enlarge the place of your dwelling, taking territories, sparing nothing, expanding to the left and right. Dominion is yours. Multiplication is yours. Fruitfulness is yours.

You are in charge. You have authority over principalities and powers. You shall put them in their proper place – under your feet.

Creativity is yours. Invention is yours. All things are yours. Greater is He that is in you than he that is this world. You are Sufficient in God’s sufficiency. You are more than a conqueror. You are the head and never the tail. You are a champion-winning all the time, winning in every place. You are God’s trophy, the apple of His eyes, His treasured possession.

Greatness is in your loins. And it shall be prolific, unending, going from generation to generation. Nothing and no one can stop you.

You are blessed and highly favoured!