Stay Always on Top (by Fenny West)



uphill task triumphant man

Stay always on top.
Let no one stop.
Let nothing stop.
You’re cream of the crop.

You were born as the head
Born to stay ahead
Born never to dread.
Born to give life’s bread.

You were born from above;
Loved with an everlasting love;
Loved with a great love;
You hail from above.

As He is so you are.
You were born to be a star.
Your dream no one can mar.
Your elevation no one can bar.

You are a God-kind.
So renew your mind.
And Every foe bind.
Always be kind.

Refuse to fear
Rebuff the liar.
You are a winner.
You’re an overcomer.

Victory is yours.
Kingship is yours.
Dominion is yours.
All things are yours.

You are precious.
You are glorious.
You are righteous.
You are victorious.

You are a success.
Born for Good Success.
Never to wallow in any mess.
Because Jesus you have confessed.

You’re born as God’s best.
Now and always be the best.
Now and always pass the test.
Now and always surf the crest.

You belong to the Great I Am.
You’re the seed of Abraham.
Every principality disarm.
You’re engraved on God’s palm.

You’re the light of this world.
You do not belong to this world.
Therefore love not this world.
Stay way ahead of this world.

You’re more than a conqueror.
For Jesus won the war.
For You He opens every door.
Against this there is no law.

You’re the salt of the earth.
Ooze your aroma in this earth.
Take full authority in this earth.
Make your mark in this earth.

Stay always on Top

You’re a city on a hill.
So be being filled;
Always doing God’s will.
And every storm still.

Abundant grace is yours.
Abundant life is yours.
Healing and health are yours.
Promotion, progress and prosperity are yours.

Joy unspeakable and full of glory is yours.
Peace that surpasses knowledge is yours.
The divine nature is yours.
All the promises of God are yours.

Christ in you is your hope of glory.
Christ in you is your inexplicable victory.
Christ in you enable make history.
Christ in you is your royalty.

Christ in you makes you peculiar.
Christ in you makes you a wonder.
Christ in you makes you a deliverer.
Christ in you makes you a carer.