Supernatural Season is Here ( by Fenny West)

Supernatural Season Here



Supernatural Season is my inheritance

Because I dwell in a place called Christ

Where Christ bequeaths life in abundance

Where the supernatural is simply natural.

In this place God’s hand is phenomenal.

In this place faith is the regular currency.

In this place the life we have is eternal.

And God gives untold supernatural supply.

In this domain we walk by faith, not sight.

In this environment we live like the superman;

We walk by the Spirit, not by power or might.

We do the impossible-defy gravity, walk on water.

In this season God opens the heavens and rains manna;

And He vitalises our mortal body with supernatural health.

God fights our battles, becomes our victorious banner;

He Sustains us through thick and thin with supernatural strength.

In this season every Goliath that rears its head is felled,

Because  I have donned the Davidic, Holy Ghost mantle.

In this day I draw living water from Salvations well.

In this day I can do all things through Christ, my strength.

This is a day when God opens the rock and gives me water.

It is a day where my jar of oil and bin of flour do not fail;

I use my valley of Bacca as a place of Spring, going higher and higher;

I go from glory to glory, faith to faith and from strength to strength.

It’s a time of my distinction like Daniel- granted supernatural wisdom.

God gives me unusual insight into the mysteries of the His kingdom.

And I flourish with relish, bringing forth fruits in my old age;

Becoming more relevant and current, tasting like vintage wine.

On this day I speak to things and they respond and obey,

Just like Joshua spoke to the sun and the moon and they obeyed.

This is my supernatural season where dry bones shall live

Dead bodies shall rise, dead dreams shall live. 

Dead businesses and ideas shall live. 

There shall be inventions, innovations and creativity galore.

That which was impossible shall be made possible.

Every hurdle will be bulldozed.

Every barrier will be dismantled, 

As I soar on eagles wings, carried aloft by adverse wind currents.

What is a death knell to other birds is music to me, advantage to me,

By the power of the Holy Spirit.

Yes this a day of my supernatural knowledge, 

when God gives me knowledge 

that surpasses every other knowledge.

I join the company of the Joseph’s 

who who used adversity for prosperity. 

Why? I am a seed of Abraham

One with the Great I Am.

The Greater One lives in me

I have His DNA.

I am a New Creation-

Born from above;

Born the head and not the tail;

Born to glorify my Maker and my God;

Born a master of every circumstance- never to fail.

Born to mount up to surmount mountains – make them plains.

This is a day of incredible prowess, a time of supernatural ability.

In this day I do great exploits with my sling and stone, like David.

On this day the walls of Jericho fall down flat as I praise my God.

And every alliances against me crumble and stumble and are humbled.

And despite great famine I sow and reap a hundredfold return like Isaac.

This is a season where despite my age I become fruitful like Abraham and Sarah.

And God remembers me like He did Rebekah, Rachel, Elizabeth and Hannah.

God remembers me like Mordecai was remembered; like Noah was remembered,

like Abraham was remembered, like Joseph was remembered. 

This is a day where every fiery furnace I am thrown into refines me;

Beautifies me, purifies me, increases me, introduces me greater glory,

Causes me to smell like rose and radiate the glory of God.

And my faith in Him causes unbelievers to praise Him and acknowledge:

“Truly, Your God, He is God”, and surrender to Him.

This is a day to run through troops and leap over walls

Because it is my Supernatural Season! Alleluia!