I Will Let My Light Shine( by Fenny West)

I Will Let My Light Shine

I will let my light shine
In the night I’ll shine
Dispelling all darkness
Bringing in happiness

O Lord, may my years count
Far more than the count of my years
O that my life will be a fount;
A fount that will dry many tears

O Lord, so long as I have a breath
May my life a breath of fresh air
Wherever I go on this earth
May your matchless glory be there

Lord, I have no life outside Your life
Earthly treasures are all but a dross
So I’ll revel in this abundant life
Birth from above, saved from curse.

Lord, use my life light someone’s life
I thirst for the Living Waters
True life springs from Your glorious life
I love You, I praise You, O my Lover