It’s Time To Flourish ( by Fenny West)

Inharvest2 harvest1 sowing2 harvest5 tree of songs bounties and Blessings beachside nature palm treeflourishing this year God will take first place.

He will guide as I seek His face.

His Word shall be by yardstick,

My plum line, my light and compass;

And his promises shall come to pass.


As I am planted in His house, I will flourish in His courts.

Because I will be stable, rooted and immovable.

I shall grow in grace and thrive regardless of the weather;

regardless of where I am or my race or age.

I will be like a well-watered garden, bearing much fruit to the glory of God.

I shall have longevity, integrity, prosperity, utility and purity.

I shall be stable, durable, stately, robust;

Rich in love and leaving a legacy for all time;

making a mark in the sands of time to the glory of God.


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