Who Is Jesus? ( by Fenny West)

joy3 cross resurrection 2 (2) resurrection power in the name He is God is present awesome god by his stripes call on me call and I will deliver2

Who is Jesus?

Immanuel-God with us,

Prince of peace,

the Word of God made flesh to dwell amongst us,

express image of the Father, the God-man.

Who is Jesus?

The Love of God;

the Lamb of God;

the atonement of God;

the Satisfaction for sin;

the Settlement for sin;

the full payment for sin,

God’s answer to sin;

Ransom, Redeemer,


the Mediator between God and man,

the Associate of the God-head,

Creator, preexistent, preeminent.

Who is Jesus?

The Door to God,

the Way to God;

the Way, the Truth and the life;

the Prince of life, the Bridge between God and man.

Who is Jesus?

Alpha and Omega,

Beginning and the end,

the First and the Last,

Author and Finisher,

the Great I Am, I Am That I Am,

Wonderful, Counselor,

the Mighty God,

the Everlasting Father.

Who is Jesus?

The Hope of the world,

Savior of the world,

Joy to the world,

Hope against all hope,

blessed hope,

the hope of glory,

the glory of God.

Who is Jesus?

The Lilly of the Valley,

the Sweet Rose of Sharon,

the Bright Morning Star,

the Good Shepherd,

the Great Physician,

the Healer,

the Prophet,

Priest and King,

King of kings

and Lord of lords,

the Bridegroom,

the Best of the best,

our rest.

Who is Jesus?

Our sufficiency,

our life, our All in all,

in Whom we live,

move and have our being.

He gives our lives, meaning.

He is our light and might,

Strength, Shelter,

Source and Shield.

Who is Jesus?