Ever-present Help ( by C.H. Spurgeon)

Ever-present Help

“Hitherto hath the Lord helped us.”
1 Samuel 7:12

The word “hitherto” seems like a hand pointing in the direction of the past. Twenty years or seventy, and yet, “hitherto the Lord hath helped!” Through poverty, through wealth, through sickness, through health, at home, abroad, on the land, on the sea, in honour, in dishonour, in perplexity, in joy, in trial, in triumph, in prayer, in temptation, “hitherto hath the Lord helped us!” We delight to look down a long avenue of trees. It is delightful to gaze from end to end of the long vista, a sort of verdant temple, with its branching pillars and its arches of leaves; even so look down the long aisles of your years, at the green boughs of mercy overhead, and the strong pillars of lovingkindness and faithfulness which bear up your joys. Are there no birds in yonder branches singing? Surely there must be many, and they all sing of mercy received “hitherto.”

But the word also points forward. For when a man gets up to a certain mark and writes “hitherto,” he is not yet at the end, there is still a distance to be traversed. More trials, more joys; more temptations, more triumphs; more prayers, more answers; more toils, more strength; more fights, more victories; and then come sickness, old age, disease, death. Is it over now? No! there is more yet-awakening in Jesus’ likeness, thrones, harps, songs, psalms, white raiment, the face of Jesus, the society of saints, the glory of God, the fulness of eternity, the infinity of bliss. O be of good courage, believer, and with grateful confidence raise thy “Ebenezer,” for–

He who hath helped thee hitherto

Will help thee all thy journey through.

When read in heaven’s light how glorious and marvellous a prospect will thy “hitherto” unfold to thy grateful eye!

Who Is Jesus? ( by Fenny West)

joy3 cross resurrection 2 (2) resurrection power in the name He is God is present awesome god by his stripes call on me call and I will deliver2

Who is Jesus?

Immanuel-God with us,

Prince of peace,

the Word of God made flesh to dwell amongst us,

express image of the Father, the God-man.

Who is Jesus?

The Love of God;

the Lamb of God;

the atonement of God;

the Satisfaction for sin;

the Settlement for sin;

the full payment for sin,

God’s answer to sin;

Ransom, Redeemer,


the Mediator between God and man,

the Associate of the God-head,

Creator, preexistent, preeminent.

Who is Jesus?

The Door to God,

the Way to God;

the Way, the Truth and the life;

the Prince of life, the Bridge between God and man.

Who is Jesus?

Alpha and Omega,

Beginning and the end,

the First and the Last,

Author and Finisher,

the Great I Am, I Am That I Am,

Wonderful, Counselor,

the Mighty God,

the Everlasting Father.

Who is Jesus?

The Hope of the world,

Savior of the world,

Joy to the world,

Hope against all hope,

blessed hope,

the hope of glory,

the glory of God.

Who is Jesus?

The Lilly of the Valley,

the Sweet Rose of Sharon,

the Bright Morning Star,

the Good Shepherd,

the Great Physician,

the Healer,

the Prophet,

Priest and King,

King of kings

and Lord of lords,

the Bridegroom,

the Best of the best,

our rest.

Who is Jesus?

Our sufficiency,

our life, our All in all,

in Whom we live,

move and have our being.

He gives our lives, meaning.

He is our light and might,

Strength, Shelter,

Source and Shield.

Who is Jesus?


Immanuel: God With Us ( by C.H Spurgeon)

“Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.”
Isaiah 7:14

Let us today go down to Bethlehem, and in company with wondering shepherds and adoring Magi, let us see him who was born King of the Jews, for we by faith can claim an interest in him, and can sing, “Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given.” Jesus is Jehovah incarnate, our Lord and our God, and yet our brother and friend; let us adore and admire. Let us notice at the very first glance his miraculous conception. It was a thing unheard of before, and unparalleled since, that a virgin should conceive and bear a Son. The first promise ran thus, “The seed of the woman,” not the offspring of the man. Since venturous woman led the way in the sin which brought forth Paradise lost, she, and she alone, ushers in the Regainer of Paradise. Our Saviour, although truly man, was as to his human nature the Holy One of God. Let us reverently bow before the holy Child whose innocence restores to manhood its ancient glory; and let us pray that he may be formed in us, the hope of glory. Fail not to note his humble parentage. His mother has been described simply as “a virgin,” not a princess, or prophetess, nor a matron of large estate. True the blood of kings ran in her veins; nor was her mind a weak and untaught one, for she could sing most sweetly a song of praise; but yet how humble her position, how poor the man to whom she stood affianced, and how miserable the accommodation afforded to the new-born King!

Immanuel, God with us in our nature, in our sorrow, in our lifework, in our punishment, in our grave, and now with us, or rather we with him, in resurrection, ascension, triumph, and Second Advent splendour.

Babe Born to Die ( by Fenny West)

Babe Born Jesus His birth His presence christmas joy3 christmas joy2 winter wonderland winter 1 - Copy God's plan I am with You always




This babe was born to die,

That you and I might live.

And for those who love Him,

He prays; daily intercedes.

Even now His blood cries:

‘I died for them to live.

Those who repent and come to Me,

I accept, forgive and life-eternal give.

’ May your celebration

Be filled with His remembrance

His joy and adoration;

His life and abundance.

His wisdom and discretion;

His peace, surpassing knowledge;

His provision and direction;

His protection and presence.










3.O What a

The Journey of Jesus ( by Fenny West)

Autumn Floral Heart --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Autumn Floral Heart — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

son of God became man AG00519_ j0283928 CGCF CGD9 j0236249 j0318056 j0323740 j0162958Journey of Jesus

Journey of Jesus

From Heaven to Cross

Was full of trials

Many denials

From the humble birth

To acceptance dearth

From good standing

To misunderstanding.

But He persevered

Great cruelty endured

To bring and secure

Sin’s solution; cure.

His body was scourged

Was falsely accused

To buy humankind

Because God was kind                                

He was made a curse

So that He could bless

All humanity

For eternity.

He was born to die

Just to bring us nigh

He stooped down so low

To let freedom flow.

Post crucifixion

Was resurrection

All for you and I

So we will not die.

The deal that was done

By God, Lord ,the Son

Is free but by choice

If you hear His Voice

Make Him your Choice Now!


4      But when the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the law,

5      to redeem those who were under the law, that we might receive the adoption as sons. Gal4:4-5




Safe In His Arms ( by C.H. Spurgeon)

refuge8 refuge7 refuge6 refuge5 1refuge

Safe in His Arms

“Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.”
1 Thessalonians 5:24

Heaven is a place where we shall never sin; where we shall cease our constant watch against an indefatigable enemy, because there will be no tempter to ensnare our feet. There the wicked cease from troubling, and the weary are at rest. Heaven is the “undefiled inheritance;” it is the land of perfect holiness, and therefore of complete security. But do not the saints even on earth sometimes taste the joys of blissful security? The doctrine of God’s word is, that all who are in union with the Lamb are safe; that all the righteous shall hold on their way; that those who have committed their souls to the keeping of Christ shall find him a faithful and immutable preserver. Sustained by such a doctrine we can enjoy security even on earth; not that high and glorious security which renders us free from every slip, but that holy security which arises from the sure promise of Jesus that none who believe in him shall ever perish, but shall be with him where he is. Believer, let us often reflect with joy on the doctrine of the perseverance of the saints, and honour the faithfulness of our God by a holy confidence in him.

May our God bring home to you a sense of your safety in Christ Jesus! May he assure you that your name is graven on his hand; and whisper in your ear the promise, “Fear not, I am with thee.” Look upon him, the great Surety of the covenant, as faithful and true, and, therefore, bound and engaged to present you, the weakest of the family, with all the chosen race, before the throne of God; and in such a sweet contemplation you will drink the juice of the spiced wine of the Lord’s pomegranate, and taste the dainty fruits of Paradise. You will have an antepast of the enjoyments which ravish the souls of the perfect saints above, if you can believe with unstaggering faith that “faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.”

The Power inside of You ( by Fenny West)

power in his touch CG95 mind map4 fire CG53 power1

The Power Inside of You

The Power Inside of You

Is unimaginable

So unstoppable

And impregnable.

The Power inside of you

Is enigmatic

So dynamic

And magnetic.

The power inside of you

Is transforming

So nonconforming

And reforming.

The power inside of you

Is amazing

So wowing

And regenerating

The Power inside of you

Is glorious

So victorious,

And bounteous

The Power inside of you

Is Super-abundant,

so radiant

And Resplendent

The Power inside of you

Is undoubtable

So Unfathomable

And Unthinkable

The Power inside of you

Is Incredible

So Insurmountable

And Indefatigable

The power inside of you

Is ever-present

So pre-eminent

And resplendent

The Power inside of you

Is all-knowing

So Mind-blowing

And awe-inspiring

The Power inside of you

Is Wonderful,

So faithful

And Joyful

The Power inside of you

Is Matchless

So Limitless

And Deathless

Now personalize

The Power inside of me is…


Power of Your Testimony ( by Fenny West)

Power of Your Testimony

Power of Your testimony

Paralyses your enemies

Puts them under your feet

Guarantees their defeat.

Power of your testimony

Causes your foes to cower

Gives you untold victory

As your adversaries shudder.

Power of your testimony

Trumpets death knell in hell

Discomfiting principalities

Giving you a harvest that tells.

Power of your testimony

Lifts you to a higher plane

To make your mark in history.

Leaving all your foes slain.

Power of your testimony

Positions you for overcoming

Places you for hegemony

Plants your feet for winning.

Power of your testimony,

Brings God great glory.

As you share your victory story

Your opponents will be sorry.

Power of your testimony,

Will birth other testimonies

Bring great inspiration,

Trigger multiple motivation.

Power of your testimony

Is beyond comprehension.

It will assuage your promotion

Increase others’ faith and expectation.

Power of your testimony

Powers the engine of your success

Power of your testimony,

Propels you into excellence.

My testimony stems from my trials

And my trials birth my triumphs.

This applies to you too

As you look to the Faithful and True

11    And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.Rev.12:11 1    I will sing of the mercies of the LORD for ever: with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all generations.Ps89:1 8    Hear, O my people, and I will testify unto thee: O Israel, if thou wilt hearken unto me;Ps81:8

December 3 ( by Fenny West)

DREAM ON Dream again, Don’t stop dreaming, dream big dreams like Joseph,

Dare to be different
Encourage others, so will you be encouraged
Creativity is your portion, continue to create
Embark on projects in line with your purpose
Manage your time and money well
Be not entangled by worldliness, or commercialism; be not deceived
Endure hardness as a good soldier of Christ; Enjoy the blessing of God with gratitude
Remember God’s grace, goodness and give thanks. Rejoice in the Lord. Reflect on the greatness of God and praise Him for keeping you, protecting you and providing for you.



DeCember 2 ( by Fenny West)

Do what Jesus would do
Enthrone Him, enamored by Him enthralled in His love, engaged to Him, enveloped by His Spirit
Consider His ways, copy His foot-steps, catch His Spirit, carry His aroma
Entertain not the world, enwrap yourself with the Word
Mind your mind, your testimony, the truth
Be a beacon of light, best advert for Jesus, bring Him your best gift-your first love, your heart, be the best, be separate-sanctified-salt of the earth, light of the World-wedded and welded to Him
Evangelise, exude God’s goodness, enjoy God’s goodness and mercy
Reflect on your the past- achievements and failures and what you can do better next year, recognising reasons to give thanks.

Distance yourself from what corrupts, compromises
Expose every lie of the enemy
Capitalise on the season for Jesus-centredness

Enjoy where you are en route where you’re going
Make most of Jesus
Be His Ambassador, imitator, effulgence
Engross yourself in the Word-not the World and its ways
Rein in avarice, gluttony, rat race, Reflect well to hit the ground running in the new year; run your race with any weight, let or hindrance.

Draw strength from the Spirit to overcome worldly pull
Exemplify Jesus. As He is so you are
Carry yourself gracefully
Enter a phase of deep meditation of the Word
Meet people of like precious faith; make music to the Lord
Bury all disappointments of the past; be true to yourself; Be the change you desire
Enter God’s rest; employ God’s wisdom in all you do
Receive Strength to stand strong in the Spirit; Resist the devil and he will flee from you.