I Walk in Wisdom (by Fenny West)

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I Walk in Wisdom

I walk in wisdom of the Kingdom of God which is within me. It illuminates my path that shines ever brighter from glory to glory to the full light of day. Divine direction is my portion in all I do and wherever I go, because God works in me both to will and do according to His good pleasure. I live to please God-not man- in all I do. Therefore, I do all I do as unto Him; to His glory and praise. He empowers me and instructs me each step of the way. His Spirit is my Counselor-showing me things to come and teaching me how to handle difficult and tricky situations. I am never overcome by evil but I overcome evil with good, because I am an ambassador of the Most High God and His imitator.

Through Christ Who resides me, I can bear and forebear in any circumstance. I rise above provocation, temptation and intimidation. I remain resolute and bold, without fear, knowing  I am in Him, an overcomer- more than a conqueror. I put on the whole armour of God to stand against every strategy, every scheme, every cunning tricks of the enemy. I am streets ahead. The Holy Spirit gives me an advance warning and heads-up.

God is my refuge and my strength and my ever-present help. I dwell in the secret place of the Most High. I abide under the shadow of His wings. Therefore no harm will befall me. No disaster comes near me or my camp or dwelling. No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper. My pathway is one of life-super-abundant life. My life is encapsulated with the life of Christ

In Him I live, move and have my being. Goodness and mercy follow me all the days of my life. He prepares a banquet for me in the presence of my enemies and my cup overflows. He daily loads me with benefits to enjoy. The boundary lines have fallen in pleasant places for me, and I have a goodly inheritance- far beyond what I can ask or think or imagine. I am blessed with every spiritual blessing. I am blessed in the city and in the country side. I am blessed in my going out and in my coming in.

I do not walk in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stand in the way of sinners nor sit in the seat of god-mockers. But my delight is in the word of God and I meditate on it day and night. Therefore, I am like a tree planted by streams of water and I bring forth the fruit of the spirit-love, joy, peace, goodness, patience, kindness, self-control, righteousness, in due season. I abide in the Vine and His word abides in me and I produce much fruit-fruit that will remain; fruit that will bring glory to my Maker.

Afflictions that I face are passing; they are temporary, they are fleeting, temporary and they are partners in my progress. They are light, of no weight and are working for me an exceeding weight of eternal glory.

I will therefore take full advantage  of them to maximise the resultant benefit from them. I will not lose heart but see the glory and joy beyond them like Jesus did and was able to bear the cross, despising its shame and was raised from the dead, paving the way for my salvation and  that of others- you too.’

I look beyond the seen to see the unseen realities. I know that the things that are seen are temporary, but the things that are not seen are eternal. And I know All things are working together for my good because I am a child of God and called according to purpose, created for good works that God had fore-ordained for me.

I thank God that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and fitted and gifted for my assignment. I shall not envy anyone. I am full fitted for my purpose. I shall fulfill my destiny. Nothing shall stop me. I will not be distracted or sidetracked. No wind or storm will dislodge my focus on Jesus-the Author and finisher of my faith. I walk by faith and not by sight. I fight the good fight of faith with the whole armour of God-not by my might nor by my power, but by the Spirit of the living God.

Peace profound is found in me. Peace like a river is my portion. Jesus is my peace. I am not moved by my feelings or things I see. I am moved by the powerful, infallible and enduring word of God. The grass may wither, the flowers may fade. But God’s word abides for ever and it will give me Good Success.

Therefore I will not grow weary in well-doing, knowing that my reward is on the horizon. As long as the Lord remains, winter and summer, night and day, seed time and harvest time shall not cease. My harvest time is here.

 God said, “Those who sow in tears shall reap with joy.” Those who out weeping, bearing precious seeds to sow will doubtless return with joy- unspeakable and full of glory; bringing a great harvest with them. God will make His grace abound towards me so that I will have all-

sufficiency in all things as to abound in every good work. Yes, as I give, it is given back to me in good measure, pressed-down, shaken together and running over. God will open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings such that there will not be room enough to contain it. The devourer shall be rebuked for my sake. Whatever I lay my hands to do prospers. My business prospers. My body prospers. My family prospers. I have good ideas that are God’s ideas. I have an inventive genius and genes. Creativity is my pedigree. Innovation is my preoccupation.

I see the good about anyone and anything  or situation.

I have a divine perspective always and nothing fazes me. I am strong in the Lord and in His mighty power, in Jesus’ name.

Salvation is a Life Boat ( by Fenny West)

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Salvation is a Life-boat

Salvation is a Life-boat

you enter in Christ.

It’s like Noah’s Ark,

like the life-boat you need

when a ship you’re in hits the rocks.

This Life-boat takes you to heaven.

The fare is all paid for in blood-

The precious blood of Jesus.

This is not joining a religion.

It’s having a relationship with God.

It’s being born again from above

 and given the citizenship of heaven.

But you must book your place,

If you want to see God’s face.

Make your reservation today.

Do it right now. Do not delay.

Dial: John3:3, John1:12, Romans 10:9-10, 2Corinthians5:17 15 while it is said: “Today , if you will hear His voice ,   Do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion.” Hebrews3:15 2 For He says:  “In an acceptable time I have heard you ,   And in the day of salvation I have helped you.” Behold , now is the accepted time; behold , now is the day of salvation. 2Corinthians6:2