There is a God ( by Fenny West)

There is a God
Who is all-powerful, all-knowing and ever-present.
There is a God has made you in His image and put His DN A in you and given you all that pertain  to life and godliness. He has given you His exceedingly great and precious promises that by these you should be a partaker of His divine nature.
There is a God who love you with an everlasting love and loves you like He loves Jesus.
There is a God who has invested His best and utmost to win your heart and  will not stop loving you, no matter what.
There is a God whose mind is full of you, and cares for you and sees you as the apple of His eyes.
There is a God who has blessed you with every spiritual blessing and wants you to be a blessing wherever you go.
There is a God who has so committed Himself to you that your battle becomes His battle. And He will fight for you and you will hold your peace. Remember how He fought for Israel when they came face to face with the Red Sea and Pharaoh’s army was in hot pursuit. He parted the sea for His people and those who pursued them drowned in the sea.
There is a God who turns the counsel of the nations to nought and uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. His foolishness is wiser than the wisdom of men. He commands and it comes into being, decrees and it stands.
There is a God who owns the earth in all its fullness. The seas are His and the mountain peaks belong to Him. He measures the earth with the span of His hand and weighs the mountains on His scales.

There is a God
Who measures the waters of the seas in the hollow of His hands. He is the preeminent One. In Him all things hold together. He declares the end from the beginning, and He is the beginning and the End, the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last.

You’re Born To Win ( by Fenny West)

You’re Born to Win

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Born to Win You are born to win. Regardless of the wind of adversity and

 persecution or opposition.

(2Cor2:14, 1Cor15:57, Ro8:28,31,32,37-39, Jer1:4-9,10,12,17-19)

Affirm you prenatal calling

Remember that I knew you before you were formed in your mother’s belly. I knew you before your father knew your mother and they exchanged numbers and met. I had a plan and purpose, a dream and an assignment for you and separated you, formed you, wove you intricately for your destiny. I ordained who will win in the first race you ran with millions of others, even as a sperm. I knew you will win. I fashioned you to win because of the work I have for you. I put everything in you that you would ever need in seed form. You need to discover them and hone them into maturity; develop them into dexterity and excellence to match my mind and ultimate will for you. Deploy all that I have furnished you with to fulfil your vision, mission and purpose. Leave no stone unturned. Press on for the mark of the  prize of your high-calling in Christ. Aim to finish with finesse, distinction, scholarship and excellence. You have what it takes. The Holy Spirit is in you to give you an advantage. He is your Strengthener, Standby, Comforter, Teacher, Guide, Anointing that lifts burdens and destroys yokes. That is a word God has put in your mouth to speak to a particular people or ethnos he has assigned you to. You need to find them and speak to them directly. You are not called to everyone. There are those assigned to your boat- your rope holders and partners or iron to sharpen your iron.

( Jer1:4-9,17-19 , John16:7,13, Phil3:12-14)

Fear Not

Yes, some of the people you have been assigned to will be fearful. After all we are all fearfully and wonderfully made. But some are more fearful. However do not be afraid of their faces. God has not given you a Spirit of fear or timidity, but that of love power and sound mind and of boldness. The righteous are as bold as the lion. So do not underrate, belittle or demean yourself. Know who you are in Christ. Take sides with God. Say what He has said concerning you.

(2Tim1:7, Josh1:9, Ex12:13-14, Gen15:1, Prov28:1, 1John4:18, Isa41:10, -43:1-2 )

He said He knew you before you were formed in your mother’s belly. Say amen to that. He said He sanctified you, separated you, set you aside, equipped you, fitted you, and furnished you for your assignment, purpose and dream. Say amen to that. He said He ordained you a prophet to the nations-your particular nations your people. Say Amen to that. Don’t say “I can’t,” “I am inferior;” I am not able.” “I am weak.” Let the weak say I am strong. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. If God is for me, who can be against me?

( Phil4:13, Ps139:1-3,12-17)

Before you speak Therefore speak the word God has put in your mouth.  When you open your mouth to speak, minister or sing, let it be the word of God. Be the very oracles of God. Be the conduit of divinity, the channel of God, the river of God. Let His word, message wisdom and counsel flow through you effortlessly. For this to happen you must let His word dwell in you richly. You must be diligent to study His word. You must not let His word depart from your eyes and from your heart and from your mouth.

You must meditate in His word day and night and observe to do all of it and make your way prosperous and have good success. You must not only talk the talk but walk the talk. For this to happen you must consciously refuse to walk in the counsel of those who are ungodly or do not believe in God. You must refuse their influence or pressure to conform to their ways. You must refuse to seat in the sit of God mockers. Show them the light. Be the light. Remember: “The light shines in darkness but the darkness does not overcome it.” Remind yourself of this truth when you are tempted to compromise your standard.  Keep company with those who believe and accept the word of God and the word of life. Witness and be a witness to those who do not believe. Have compassion for them. Pray for them. Remember you were once like them, wallowing in the mire, sitting in darkness, imprisoned in the vomit of sin, relaxing in the vineyard of the devil and yet unaware, or oblivious, blind and bound.

(Josh1:8, Ps1:1-3, 2Tim2:15, 1Cor15:33, Col3:16, Job23:12, 1Tim4:11, Matt5:13-16)

 Prayer changes things.( Acts12:5, 1Thess5:17, James5:16-17, Luke18:1) Know Who You Are and Whose You Are Be the salt of the earth. Give flavour to your surrounding. Give life around you a meaning. Taste delicious when people taste you. Let them yearn for more of you and your God. Use that magnetism to introduce them to your Maker and your God. Remember: He loves them too. God so love the world that He gave the Son of His love that no one should perish, but that all should come to know Him and have eternal life. Be the city on a hill that cannot be hidden.  Make no apology for who you are

and for Whose you are. You are a child of the Most High God, the Creator of the universe, the Lord God, merciful and gracious, compassionate, gracious, sovereign, all- powerful, all-knowing, ever-present, longsuffering and abundant in goodness and in truth. Be proud of Him. Know you are His ambassador, His megaphone, His hands, mouth and feet.  See through His eyes. Go where He sends you. Reach out and touch others just like He touched you and transformed you. Speak for Him as He leads you. Be gentle and yet courageous and bold and strong. You have an assignment to build and plant. But before you build and plant, first things first. If you are to ensure that what you build stands the test of time; if it is to be a magnificent edifice to the glory of God, you must first remove, uproot, root out overthrow, throw down every rubble, impediment, rubbish and obstacles. This is God’s order and wisdom in any building venture or adventure. It is the natural thing to do a parallel truth.( Jer.1:10, Matt5:13-16) Regardless of opposition, persecution; passage of time or seeming delay, persevere. Be not moved. Be adamant. Have faith in God who said, “I watch over my word to perform it.” God’s word will not fall to the ground. Believe what He has told you, speak it to yourself when you feel discouraged or when the wind of adversity comes or when Goliaths stands tall, intimidating and  looks impregnable and formidable. You are more than a conqueror. Know who you are and whose you are like David. (1Sam17)

Invoke Your Covenant Rights

Know your covenant rights and privileges. Invoke them in the face of the taunts of Goliath. Rehearse and remind Goliath what God has done for you and with you in times past. Brag about your God. Prophesy what God will do to Goliath. See yourself standing on Goliath and cutting off his head even with his own sword. Know that greater is He that is you than the devil in Goliath or whoever opposes the will, plan and purpose of God in your life. Remember even those who are meant to know better and close to you can get it wrong sometimes. Peter was used to identify the Messiah, “Thou art the Christ…”  A moment later he rebuked Christ for talking and dramatizing the reason for His being-going to die on the cross. The enemy is subtle and can use people around us to dissuade us. Eliab was  used to discourage David on his Day with destiny. Joseph’s brothers hated his dream and wanted to snuff it out. But Joseph dreamed again. Nehemiah went home with a burden to rebuild the broken down wall of Jerusalem but Sanballat and Tobiah and others vehemently opposed him, maligned him, disdained him, ridiculed him, conspired against him and blackmailed instead of building with him. However God gave him a few men who had a heart to work, watch and pray. They banded together and successfully built the wall in 52 days. Little is much when God is in it. The weaker you are in the hands of God the stronger you are a weapon in His hands. So stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.

(1Sam17, Matt16:16-23, Gen.37:9, Neh4:1-3)


What You Need to Know

Know that you will be opposed, disdained, ridiculed, resisted and fought against. Let it not be a surprise even if it comes from close quarters. It is not new.  It happened to David. It happened to the disciples. It happened to Paul. It happened to Joseph. It happened to Nehemiah. It happened to Jeremiah. It happened to Jesus. So it will happen to you-not just once but many times. When it happens, remember:” Do not be afraid of their faces. They will fight against you but they will not be able to defeat you. I will watch over my Word to perform it, bring it to fruition and bring it to pass.

(Act4, 7, 8,9, Jer1:12,Gen37, 39, Neh5:1-3)

Be well-fortified Remember;” I have made you a Defenced City, an Iron Pillar and Brazen Wall… so stand strong in Me and in my mighty power. Put on the whole armour of God so as to stand in the evil day. And having done all stand. Put on ALL the armour of God: 1. The helmet of salvation 2. Breastplate of righteousness 3.Shoes of the Gospel 4.Belt of truth 5. Shield of faith 6. The Sword of the Spirit-the Word of God 7. With all Kinds of Prayer-praise, worship, faith, supplication intercession, thanksgiving, warfare, dedication etc(Eph6:10-18) You are born to win, born to overcome, born to fulfil purpose. Let nothing and no one stop you. Use your adversity as an advantage to do more than you can ask or think or dream of. Let every adversity work for you. Use every stumbling block as a stepping stone to a higher ground. Know that all things are working together for your good because you love God and you are the called according to purpose. (Jer29:11,Ro8:28,

Be Adamant Commit yourself to winning at all cost. Pay the price to obtain the prize. Discipline yourself and keep the goal in mind. Hit the bull’s eye rather than biting about the bush. Train yourself. Be proficient and be professional. Give your best. Be the best. Come out on top. That is your heritage. You have God’s DNA. Act like that. Be an imitator of Him. As He is so you are. He has given you all that pertain to life and godliness. He has given you His exceedingly great and precious promises that by these you should be a partaker of the divine nature through your knowledge of Him. Rise and shine. Step up to the plate.  Be what He has called you to be. You have no excuse for failure. Failure is not your portion. Good Success is your portion and heritage. You are the seed Abraham. The boundary lines have fallen in pleasant places for you. You have been given dominion. Exercise that dominion in all your undertaking and win always and everywhere.

( 1Tim1:12, 2Tim4:6-8,2Pet1:3-4, Eph5:1,1Cor9:24-27, Josh1:8, 1John4:4, 1John5:4, Ps16:6, Gen1:26,28,Gal3:29, Col1:27,2Cor2:14,1Cor15:57, Ro8:31,32,35,37-39,Isa60:1-3, deut28:1-14, Ps27, Ps91,46,Ps23:4-6, Ps2:8, Isa54:17, Isa59:19, Isa40:29-31, John16:33, Luke10:19, Isa45:1-3)





I Have a Destiny ( by Fenny West)

I Have a Destiny
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I have a destiny of greatness
righteousness and wholeness.
I have a destiny of fruitfulness,

prowess and usefulness,

soundness and finesse.
I have a destiny of excellence,

mercy and goodness following me.
I have a destiny of a city on a hill,

a light-house, salt of the earth,

light of the world.

I know I was born for such a time as this.