Love Growing Stronger and Stronger ( by Fenny West)

Love Growing Stronger and Stronger

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Though the years have taken their toll on

our earthly suit,

Yet our love remain growing stronger

and stronger.

Though the grinders gone and the

shutters dim,

Yet the fires of our passion still red-hot.

Though we talk and babble like babes,

Yet we communicate with just a look

Though the ears are dull and some

memories fail,

Yet we hear with the touch, never forget

each other.

And though the hand may be so, so cold,

The hearts remain glowing, very, very


The sun may now be setting on our days

But our spirits remain knit, ever

increasing, rising.




Love is the Greatest ( by Fenny West)

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Love is the greatest;

Greatest reality.

Love is the highest;

Highest mystery.

Love is the key;

Key to harmony;

Love is universal;

Love is practical.

Love never resentful;

Love ever faithful;

Always humble;

Love is gentle.

Love may play the fool,

But love is no fool;

Love. loves to give

And to forgive.

Love more than gold;

Never grows cold;

And God is love,

Love isĀ from above.