You Came Like a Bang ( by Fenny West)

keep your dream alive 1 birth of Jesus9 eagle Romance love never ends virtuous woman1 touch of silver friendship LOVE j0283928 eagle Romance eagle Romance 3 fire love 2

You came like a bang

And so soon I sang

Songs long, long lost

And the juice began to thrust

From the ocean of love

Made to rise and move

But is this from above?


What do you think?

What do you say?

My eyes now blink

Because it’s a new day

New wine I drink

From a fountain of love

And so I made the move.

But is this from above?


This love and juice

Must not confuse

Must pass the test

Surf the crest

Go through fire

Beyond just desire

Go beyond natural

To the supernatural.



Heart gone cold

Became warm

I became bold

To woo not harm

In a way untold

My heart is racing

My hand stretching

Yet wary of breaking

Be it yours or mine

What is the fountain

of this new wine?








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