Influencing Your World ( by Fenny West)

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Influencing Your World
With the Christ Life
Is living the Word-
Living Abundant life.

Refusing to be conformed
Or shaped into the world’s mould
But being transformed
By the dynamic, living Word
Is your portion and heritage.

Being a salt of the earth
And a light of the world,
Is your mission on earth
Your calling to the world.

Being a city on a hill
And royal priesthood,
Is your reason for being
And your drink and food.

Being a follower of God-
A mirror of the word;
Being an imitator of God,
The hands and feet of God,
Is your commission and mission.

Being a letter of God to the world,
Written with the Spirit
On tablets of the heart,
Should be your consciousness
Even in the wilderness.

Being an expression of divinity in humanity
With a righteousness of God consciousness
Is my glorious inheritance in Christ;
My endowment and portion in Christ.

Love Growing Stronger and Stronger ( by Fenny West)

Love Growing Stronger and Stronger

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Though the years have taken their toll on

our earthly suit,

Yet our love remain growing stronger

and stronger.

Though the grinders gone and the

shutters dim,

Yet the fires of our passion still red-hot.

Though we talk and babble like babes,

Yet we communicate with just a look

Though the ears are dull and some

memories fail,

Yet we hear with the touch, never forget

each other.

And though the hand may be so, so cold,

The hearts remain glowing, very, very


The sun may now be setting on our days

But our spirits remain knit, ever

increasing, rising.




Love is the Greatest ( by Fenny West)

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Love is the greatest;

Greatest reality.

Love is the highest;

Highest mystery.

Love is the key;

Key to harmony;

Love is universal;

Love is practical.

Love never resentful;

Love ever faithful;

Always humble;

Love is gentle.

Love may play the fool,

But love is no fool;

Love. loves to give

And to forgive.

Love more than gold;

Never grows cold;

And God is love,

Love is from above.

You Came Like a Bang ( by Fenny West)

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You came like a bang

And so soon I sang

Songs long, long lost

And the juice began to thrust

From the ocean of love

Made to rise and move

But is this from above?


What do you think?

What do you say?

My eyes now blink

Because it’s a new day

New wine I drink

From a fountain of love

And so I made the move.

But is this from above?


This love and juice

Must not confuse

Must pass the test

Surf the crest

Go through fire

Beyond just desire

Go beyond natural

To the supernatural.



Heart gone cold

Became warm

I became bold

To woo not harm

In a way untold

My heart is racing

My hand stretching

Yet wary of breaking

Be it yours or mine

What is the fountain

of this new wine?








APPLE OF MY EYES (by Fenny West}

Apple of My Eyes

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The apple of my eyes, that’s what you are.

My treasured one, the best bird I can have.

Ruined and marred by the fall that kept you far.

Yet, I longed daily for you, my first love.


Wondering and pondering which day you will come.

Waiting and looking for my broken dream

To come into my garden and bosom.

I looked here and there even in the stream.


Prepared a sumptuous sup for you and I.

But there, vacant remained your seat and place.

Gone for so long, I kept asking, ‘Why, Why?’

When will you return and show me your face.


No one, nothing! can take your place, beloved.

For you, any mountain I would have moved.