Not Following the Joneses (by Fenny West)

Not Following the Joneses

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Not Following the Joneses
but following the Lord;
Not following the world,
but following the Word.
Not following your feelings
but following the Spirit’s leading.

Not following the facts
but following faith in God,
Following the truth.
Not following the seen

which is transient and temporal,
but following that which is unseen

and supersedes the seen and is eternal.

Not following fashion and the fad

but following vision and purpose

regardless of those who oppose or resist

or try to restrain, contain or disdain

or ridicule strangle or muzzle.

Not following fear,

but following faith in God,

hope and love-the greatest.

Not following culture or traditions of men

but following the inward witness

and revelation knowledge and rhema from God.

Not following the winds of doctrine

that can so easily beset and deceive

or uncertain riches

but following godliness, righteousness

and contentment which are true riches and is great gain.

Not following the short cut,

line of least resistance, or my comfort zone,

but following the well-tried path

and most rewarding and wisest path at all costs-

paying the price to obtain the prize.

Not following folly and anger rage or bitterness

but following self-control, patience, love and loving-kindness.

Not following strife or quarrels

But peace with passion and action.

Not following the counsel of the ungodly,

nor standing in the way of sinners,

nor sitting in the seat of God-mockers,

but delighting in the law of Lord and meditating on it day and night.

That is why I am like a tree planted by the rivers of waters

and I bring forth my fruit in due season.

My leaves shall not wither and whatever I shall prosper.