This Tree of Righteousness ( by Fenny West)

This Tree of Righteousness
tree of songs
This Tree of Righteousness
Is a planting of the Lord-
Planted in His vineyard, planted in His glorious garden, planted by the rivers of waters, planted in the house of the Lord, planted in the courts of our God.

It shall be nourished by the Vine’s sumptuous sup,  to bud, blossom, bloom and boom,
bringing forth much fruit in its season. It shall be fresh and flourishing even in old age.

This Tree of Righteousness is an oak of righteousness that shall stand in fierce wind. Through His great faithfulness, abounding grace it will find. It will grow tall and strong like a cedar of Lebanon.

At night it will have a song, like Paul and Silas, to cheer those that mourn. In the fierce wind it will stand tall and strong like Paul garnering strength from the storm. It will never buckle under pressure but will go from strength to strength and from glory to glory.
And because it is God’s treasured possession, apple of His eyes, it will be Refuge for many birds, supplying their fruit which they will eat and sing praises to God.

The crest of this tree will not fall.
It will stand resolute, stout and strong.
It’s feathers will never be ruffled.
It will remain resilient and an enigma to puzzle.
Its boat will never capsize.
Its star will ever increasingly rise.
It will undoubtedly obtain its prize.

This Tree will make a mighty forest.
And will yield mammoth interest.
It will make a mark in history.
And leave a lasting legacy
That will proclaim God’s glory