The Sweet Psalmist of Israel ( by Fenny West)

bounties and Blessings fight the good fight hen you sow a good Seed Put your faith In God Resoration is My Portion power in the name david and goliath3 AG00605_

The Sweet Psalmist of Israel

Knew diverse emotions so well

A man who was greatly anointed

Was also a man equally afflicted.

This man mirrored a lot of Jesus

And delivered many lessons to us

The man who wore the golden crown

Also wore a crown made of thorns.

A man overthrown by his beloved son

Who was bent- out- to eclipse his sun

Yet, David cried for him when he died

David mourned, his friends went to hide.

This man who was after God’s own heart

Knew how to touch all strings of the hearts

A graduate of the school of depression and ecstasy

Knew how to wield his pen to make it mighty and meaty.

The bones of his bones were bones in his throat

They pricked him here and there, ruffled his coat

At Ziklag he came to a depth of depths

Faced calls for stones to spell his death

But David, encouraged himself, in his God

And rose out of the throes with a word.

Pursue, overtake and recover all

David pursued, overtook and recovered all.

These psalms remain juicy green pastures

They will forever remain, great treasures

O Lord, cause me to come to these rivers

And drink again and again of the living waters.

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