I Testify to Magnify ( By Fenny West)


favour follows me Fathers love letter4 resurrection empty tomb (2) a21refuge fenny in Concert with a crowd looking back to give thanks3 faith shines in darkness faith fears no foe faith can move mts faith uses adversity for advancement holy Spirit 1 uphill don't quit13 tongue4 by his stripes Healer my God afflictions ps34 19 the righteous cry out ps34 17 in His time I wil lift up my eyes

When you say what God says, pray what God says; pray the promises, you will have what God says. So testify to Glorify the Most High. Testify what the Lord has done; what He will do and what He is doing. Testify of His faithfulness, His loving-kindness, His saving power, His unfailing love, His super-abundant grace, His sufficiency, His integrity, His unchanging character, His reliability, His splendour and sovereignty and goodness. Regardless  your current state or circumstance; regardless of what you see or how you feel, know that you know, that you know, that God is good all the time. And let the redeemed of the Lord say so. Testify to magnify the Most High!

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