Road To Good Success (by Fenny West)

Road to Good Success

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On the Road to Good Success you will find Goliath, lions and bears. As you embark on this road, Pharaoh will pursue you and frighten you. You must keep your eyes on Jesus and refuse any distraction. and follow the prescription God has given: Anchor your soul on His word, meditate on it day and night, eat it, digest it, speak it, believe it, do it- all of it. Then you will make you way prosperous and then you will have Good Success. Know the difference between godly success and worldly success and choose Good Success- not goods success.



Get up, Carry yourself and Go! ( by Fenny West)

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Life has its twists and turns.

When it deals you a big blow,

Don’t lie down, play dead or run.

Pick yourself up and continue the show.


If God is for you who can be against you?

There are more with you than are against you.

Even what you think is against you

Is secretly working for you.


It did for Joseph. It will for you

It did for Paul. It will for you

It did for David. It will for you.

It did for Jesus. It will for you.