Light My Day, O Lord ( by Fenny West)

don't quit5 uphill don't quit6 Arise O Lord - Copy peace12Phil4 6 to 7

O Lord, my God.
You are the only wise God.
You are the Best of the best.
I call upon Your Name;
the Greatest and sweetest name of all.
I step into this day, knowing that You are there.
I may not know what the day holds; but I know who holds the day.

Light my day, O Lord
Make every crooked path straight for Your name’s sake.
For I cannot make it through without You.
You are my confidence; You are my hiding place.
You are my source, my wisdom and my light.

I yield my whole being into Your Hands;
Confident that Your Hands are the safest hands ever.
For with You I am secure and I have all I need.
I give You thanks and praise for the days gone bye.
For You have kept me even when I did not know.
Help me Lord to shine for You;
Avoiding anything that would bring dishonour to You.
In my weakness let Your unlimited strength abound.

Blessing, honour, majesty, dominion, wisdom;
Thanksgiving, praise and glory be to You,
The Ever Living, loving, faithful and powerful God.

©Fenny West

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