There is Only One Mediator ( by Fenny West)

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There is Only One Mediator


There is only one Mediator-

The Only Mediator.

Buddha is not His name;

Hare Krishna is not His name;

Muhammad is not His name;

The Virgin Mary is not His name;

Joseph Smith is not His name;

Sun Myung Moon  is not His name;

His Name is, Jesus Christ- the Son of the Living God!


He is the Mediator between God and men,(1Tim2:5)

According to God’s divine plan.(Acts2:22)

He was the seed of the Woman(Gen3:15)

Who came in the fullness of time;( Gal.4:4)

Who came to crush Satan’s head

And raise us from the dead;Ep2:5)

Whose heels were bruised.



He was the Lamb of God

Slain before the foundation of the world.(John1:29)

He was the living Word of God( John1:1,14, 1John1:1)

The Child that was born and the Son that was given(Isa9:6-7)

He was the Saviour who was the ransom given(1Tim2:5)

He died for all, paid the price once and for all (Isa53:4,5,7; 1Pet.1:18-19)

He lifted those condemned under the fall (Rom8:1)

He justifies every sinner that will call. (Rom5:1,Isa53:11,Rom3:30,Gal3:8)


He is the way , the truth and the life.(John14:6)

His word is spirit and life(John6:63)

And He came to give abundant life(John10:10)

His Name is called wonderful(Isa9:6-7)

And He is powerful and merciful.(Matt28:18, Matt11:28,Matt8:1-3)

And He is ever faithful and most beautiful.(Rev1:5)

He is also called counsellor, intercessor (John14:15, Ro8:34,Heb.7:25,Isa40:13)

Teacher and Comforter

The £verlasting Father

And the Prince of peace

Who became our peace.(Eph2:14)

He brought peace with God

And the peace of God-

The Mighty God;

Emmanuel- God with us.(Isa7:14)


He became our reconciliation(1Cor1:30,2Cor5:21)

Our redemption, our salvation

Our sanctification, our restoration,

Our righteousness, our goodness

Our boldness, our security, our purity (Heb4:16, Prov28:1)

Our prosperity, our inheritance, our acceptance( 3John1:2

Our courage , our life, our wisdom, our success.(Josh1:8)

He became God with us , God in us and God for us. ( Matt28:20)


He disarmed principalities and powers ( Col2:15)

And made a public spectacle of them

And we who were dead in sin were raise with Him ( Eph2:5)

And now seated with Him in heavenly places

Far above principalities and powers

And thrones and dominions

And every other names that shall be named

Not only in this world but also in the world to come.


He made us heirs  of God ( Ro8:17, Eph3:6, Heb6:17,Gal3.29)

And joint heirs with Him

And there is only one foundation that can be laid(1Cor3:11)

And that is Christ Jesus.

He is the Stone that the builders rejected(Acts4:11)

 That has now become the Chief Corner Stone

He is the Captain of Salvation(Heb2:10)

The Good Shepherd(John10:11)

Who lays down Is life for the sheep.

He is the Author and Finisher of our faith-( Heb11:2)

The Alpha and the Omega(Rev1:8,11)

The First and the Last

The Beginning and the End.


There is only One Mediator-

the man Christ Jesus!



16 Simon Peter answered and said, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”Matt16:16

.5 For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus,6 who gave Himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time,