In Christ ( What We Are)

In Christ: What we Are and Have in Him

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Paul, who considered himself a chief sinner, the man who persecuted the Church heavily, wreaking havoc  and arrested by  the Lord  when he was on the road to Damascus, armed with warrants to do damage to Christians and turned around for good,  heard and had incredible revelations of who we are and what we have in Christ.

These truths, known and embraced and run the Christian race with, will take you and I to places we can dream of without knowing them. Let us meditate on these truths and mediate on them until their reality is formed in us as Christ is formed in us and the word is made flesh in our lives.

Search the scriptures with the references and ponder about the implication of each truth.

For instance we are children of God.  This means were not His children before our new birth.  We belonged to Satan and had the nature of Satan and lived to please Satan and ourselves.  But Now, God is our Father and Jesus is our Lord and Saviour. The Holy Spirit indwells us. We are meant to have God’s traits and live to please God, rather than ourselves.  It also means we can pray to God and address Him as ‘Our Father’ It also means as our Father, He will supply our needs and nurture us as His children.  He will correct us or rebuke or discipline us because He loves us.[/b][/size]. These are truths and glorious privileges religious people do not have and cannot enjoy.

 If you are keen on memorising the scriptures, this alphabetically ordered truths with also be an aid to you and will enable you to memorise and recall the scriptures easily as you test yourself and ask a scripture memorisation partner to test you. So doing you will grow in grace and be established and make progress and your progress will be indisputable.

What more? God will speak to you from the scriptures you have memorised and you will grow in hearing His voice in your journey of life.


 What we are in Christ:

1. Abraham’s seed Gal3:29

 2. Accepted in the beloved; Eph1:3


3. acquitted from sin; Ro8:1-2

4. arrayed in royal apparel and

adorned in glory

 5.  Athletes in a Race1Cor9:24-27


6. Branches of the Vine John15:1-7

 7. Bought with a price 1Cor6:20


8. BlessedEph1:3, Ps1:1-3, Ps68:19, Ps103:1-5, Gen12:1-4

9. Blessed with every spiritual blessings; blessed to be a blessing Eph1:3; bold as a lion(Prov28:1)


10. Buried with Christ Col2:12

 11.  Called to suffer with Christ Rom8:17, 1Pet4:12, 2Cor6:4-5,%20&version=NKJV


12. Children of God Rom8:16


13. Cleansed Heb9:14, Eph5


14. Co-labourers with God 1Cor3:9,2Cor6:1 Corinthians+3:9&version=NKJV

15. Chosen of God(Eph1:4)

16. Chosen of God 1 Pet2:4


17. Complete in Christ Col2:10

18.  Citizens of Heaven Phil3:20

19.     Crucified with Christ Gal2:20


20. Dead to sin Rom6:3,11, Gal2:20,&version=NIV


21. Destined to reign Rom5:17,21,21&version=NIV

22. Endowed with the divine nature, enriched with spiritual gifts; empower with the holy Spirit

23. Free from bondage; free from sin; free from Satan’s clutches and manacles ( Jn8:32, Ro8:1-2)

24. Foreknown Rom8:29, Ps139:1-4,13-16

25. Friends of God Rom5:10, Col1:21, Tit3:1

 26. God’s field 1Cor3:16-17

 27. God’s building

 28. God’s temple 1Cor3:16-17, 1Cor6:19-20

 29. God’s Spiritual house,9&version=NKJV

 30. God’s workmanship, (masterpiece, fearfully and wonderfully made) Eph2:10, Ps139

31. Heirs and joint heirs with Christ Gal3:26,29, -4:7,%20&version=NKJV

32. Holy nation,9&version=NKJV

 33. In this world but not of this world John17:14,16

 34. In the Spirit to please God Rom8:9

35. Justified Rom5:1

36. Joined to Jesus; 1Cor6:17

 37. Light of the WorldMatt5:14

 38. Living Stones 1Pet2:4

 39. Loved 1John3:1

 40. Made alive in Christ Eph2:1,5, Rom8:11,&version=NKJV

41. Married to ChristEph.5:25-30

 42. Members of the body of Christ 1Cor6:15, 1Cor12:12

 43. More than conquerors Rom8:37

 44. No longer Slaves to sin Rom6:2.16

 45. No longer Condemned Rom8:1

46. One body, many members Rom12:4

47. One with God;1Cor6:17

 48. One in Christ Gal3:28

 49. Overcomers 1John5:4

 50. Partakers of the divine nature 2Pet1:4

 51. Predestined Rom8:30, Isa40:10

 52. Peacemakers Rom14:17,19

53. Reconciled Col1:21

 54. Redeemed Gal3:13, -4:5

  55. Redeemed with the Blood of Jesus Heb9:12

56. Ransomed ,

57. Reconciled,

58. Righteous, 2Cor5:21, 1Cor1:30

59. Royal priesthood1Pet2:4,9,9&version=NKJV

 60. Rich in Christ2Cor8:9

61. Risen with Christ, Col2:12

 62. Saints Col1:2, Phile1:7,%20&version=NKJV

63. Salt of the earth Matt5:13

 64. Saved by hope Rom8:24

 65. Seated with Christ in heavenly places Eph2:6

66. Servants of Righteousness Rom6:16,18

67. Servants of God Rom6:22

 68. Set Free Rom.8:2

 69. Soldiers of the Cross 2Tim2:4

 70. Stewards 1Cor4:2

 71. The righteousness of God Phil3:10, 2Cor5:21

72. Yoked with Christ 1Cor6:18-19



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