O Taste of the Word ( by Fenny West )

Taste of Word

good successA word of God 2 ps119  11 word 1 light flicking inspirational light fire pot of Gold 4
Taste of word, powerful
Taste of His word dynamic
Taste of His word wonderful
Taste of His word energetic
Taste of His word, living
Taste of His word , sweet
Sweeter than the honey
In the honey comb.
Taste of his word, complete
Taste of His word , medicinal
Taste of His word insightful
Taste of His word, illuminating
Taste of his word inspiring
Taste of His word, reviving.
Taste of his word hope rekindling
Taste of his word satisfying
Taste of the word, sanctifying
Taste of is word, revealing
Taste of his word, restoring
Taste of his word recharging,
Redeeming, realigning, imparting life.
Taste of His word, correcting
Taste of His word, directing
Taste of His word, refining
Taste of His word, comforting
Taste of His word, full of faith
Taste of His word, prophetic
Taste His word , prayer fuelling
Taste his word faith-fuelling
Taste His word reassuring
Taste His word, His promises
Taste His word, His covenant
His ordinance, His statutes
His testimonies, milk, meat
His commandment, pure
Perfect, enduring, clean
Unchanging, settled in heaven
Converting the soul, renewing the mind,
They are true and right and deliver
from bondage, addiction, blindness
wickedness, sickness, short-sightedness
hopelessness, confusion, depression
oppression, low self-esteem, fear
guaranteeing Good Success.

O taste and see that the Word is good..

Jos 1:8, Ps1:1-3, Isa40:8, Ps138:2, col3:16, Prov4:20-23, Heb4:12
Ps19:7-11, 2Tim2:15, Deut6:6-7, Ps119:9,11,47,89,105,130,164,Jn17:17
John15:1-7, Deut28:1-14, Matt4:4, Job23:12,2Cor10:3-4,Eph6:18,Is53:10-11
Rom10:17,Acts2:42-47, Acts6:3, -17:11,Heb8:16, Mark4:3-8

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