Who is On Board With You ?

paul in a basket friendship unity 2 fiery furnace Hebrew three 2 CG65 CG5D CG5C Colleagues Applauding Senior Businessman Laughing Couple j0254488 CG7AWHO’S ON BOARD WITH YOU?

Word for Today ( Bob Gas)

‘…I believe God will do exactly what he told me…‘ Acts 27:25

Robert Schuller was on a cruise ship in the Coral Sea when the captain announced they were about to navigate a very narrow and dangerous crevice. They needed at least thirty feet of water to get through and avoid running aground. Just then a small motorboat approached and on deck was a captain from Australia. As he boarded the big ship, the crew saluted and stepped aside to let him take the helm. This man specialised in maneuvering big ships through small spaces, and because of his expertise they made it through without a problem. There’s an important lesson here. Before you get caught in life’s storms, make sure Jesus is at the helm, and that you know who your traveling companions are. In the midst of a gale that threatened to sink their ship, Paul stood up and announced, ‘Take heart. I believe God will do exactly what he told me.’ Paul had confidence because he knew who the real Captain was that day. He never doubted for a moment that God would honour His promise to save him, and everyone on board. When you go through storms that shake your faith you need people who know what the Word of God says, people who believe that God will ‘do exactly’ what He said no matter how bad the circumstances look. Such friends are few and far between, and they’re precious. If you have one or two of them in your life today you’re blessed, so thank God for them.