Prayers Guaranteeing Answers

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Word for today ( Bob Gas)

‘This, then, is how you should pray…’ Matthew 6:9

If prayer came naturally, God wouldn’t have to remind us so often to do it. A consistent  prayer life requires crucifying our selfish nature. But when prayer doesn’t seem rewarding,  we’re apt to abandon it. So how can you pray and get results? 1) Before you ask, adore! Any  prayer that begins with asking can become self-centered and shallow. ‘Enter his gates with  thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name’ (Psalms  100:4 NIV). When God’s love, goodness and faithfulness are your starting point, you’re lifted  out of yourself, your spirit is prepared for ‘connecting’ with God, the content of your prayer  becomes more scriptural, and you get results. In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus directs our  attention first to God’s name, then His kingdom and then His will. After that, we ask for ‘our  daily bread.’ Thanksgiving doesn’t condition God to bless you-it conditions you to receive  His blessing. 2) When you pray, persist! God’s not an automated cash machine. You are  supposed to stay engaged with Him until He decides to answer you. This involves an attitude  of faith, persistence and patience. Jesus gave us a parable about a woman who kept  pleading with a hardhearted judge to grant her petition. When she finally wore him down, he  gave her what she asked. Jesus had only one purpose for the parable: ‘To show them that  they should always pray and not give up’ (Luke 18:1 NIV). The point is not that persistence  forces God’s cooperation, it’s that God wants you to pray and not quit. When you persist  God will answer.