The Word of God types of poems -Meander

2Of God
3Sure and pure;
4Light to my path
5Reviving the soul
6Making wise the simple
7More desirable than gold
8Source of encouragement and faith
9It’s God’s promise, keeping me from shame
10A lamp to my feet and a light to my path
10Sword of the Spirit , brings satisfaction
9Illuminates the eyes, breaks bondages
8Living, the fountain of wisdom
7An inheritance, brings life
6Creative, beautiful
5Gives the fear of God
4Bringing boldness
3God’s decree
4Giving insight
5Lasting forever
6Good for meditation
7Reward to those who heed it
8Source of great peace, dynamic, broad
9God’s mind, His thought, His way and delight
10Music to my ears, perfect, trustworthy
10Great reward, medicine to ones whole body
9Good food, fire, hammer, priceless, boundless
8Gives discernment to your servant
7My teacher and counsellor
6Cleanses from hidden fault
5Gives understanding
4Spirit and life
3Bright, powerful

This is a Test of Your Maturity (Didactic Poem)


Let your love be practical in all your doing

Having self-control in your eating and drinking

Being considerate of your neighbour or friend

Not using your liberty-freedom- for an evil end


Gentle persuasion is better than coercion.

Avoiding strife that comes from compulsion

What good is there to eat and lose your brother?

What good is there to drink and leave asunder?



Saint, seek, pursue and promote peace

As much as you can, letting strife cease

Not using your liberty for licentiousness

But always exercising brotherly kindness.




17 for thekingdom ofGod is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit   Rom14:17