The Lot of Jeremiah


Imagine the lot of Jeremiah:

For preaching the gospel

Getting stuck in a stinking mire

And seeing nothing but share hell.


He had a message: prophetic

Seemed to be standing alone

It came out dynamic, energetic

Burning, blazing fire in his bones.


With a sense of mission

He rode the storms and floods

Powered by divine vision

Depending solely on his God.


This was a weeping prophet

Who suffered day and night

Judgement he had to trumpet

Regardless of the pain and plight.


In season and out of season

He had to speak severity

Though it bought and brought prison

He had to obey the Almighty.        


Lord, recharge my spiritual battery

To shine, run, burn and burn for you

Regardless of the foes and fires I see

Knowing that you will bring me through.



Jer20:7-13, -38:6,9:1, -20:9