The Place of Prayer



The place of prayer

Is a place of power

And  intimacy

With God almighty.


Covert, cherish this place

And you will see God’s face

And hear Him speak

To plug where you leak.



Pray continually

Pray persistently

Pray with impunity

Pray passionately.


Find a place to pray

Find a time to pray

Find a reason to pray

In and out of season, pray.


 Pray to dispel sin

Pray until you win.

Pray for the lost

Pray against lust.



Pray against blindness

Pray against wickedness

Pray against coldness

Pray against waywardness.

Pray against distraction

Pray against confusion


Pray for God’s fire

Pray for holy desire

Pray to rise from the mire

Pray to cast all cares.

Pray for vision

Pray for unction




Pray for hunger

To rise higher

Accomplish better

Overcome all fear.


Pray that you trust

Make God’s strength a must

Stand in the gap intercede

Press past the enemy.



Pray to stand your ground

Maintain the jewel you’ve found

Pray the will of God

pray the Word of God.


Pray that you will not stray

Pray because of evil days

Let prayer lift you up

Set you up for divine sup.


Make prayer your food

Use to change sinful mood.

Make prayer your weapon

And a staff to lean on.


Prayer is like rain

Watering the seed

Multiplying your grain and gain

As you continue to plead.


Without prayer, you’re dry

Famished, like a desert

With prayer you’re lifted high

Able to touch God’s heart


If you’re not praying

You’re just playing

And you’ll be worrying

As you keep straying.


Pray to awake from slumber

No prayer, no power

Pray and praise

all your days


Acts6:1-4, Hos10:12,Luke18:1, Mark1:35, 1Thes55:17-18, Phil4:6-7, Luke21:34-36m ephe6:10-18, Acts4:29,Esther4:14-17

©Fenny West2011

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