Pressing On, Pressing On


CH: Pressing On, Pressing On

Pressing into the Promised Land

If the Lord delights in me

He’ll bring me into the Promised Land.


I have come too far to quit

The Holy Ghost will visit.

The Giants, Goliaths I see

Will be bread to me.



Having put my hands to the plough

How can I look back now?

The Great I Am Who lives in me

Will give me the victory. (yeah!)




The battle is the Lord’s, not mine

He’ll take care and I’ll be fine

He Who began a good work in me,

Will finish it to His glory.




God makes a way in the desert

And He will not now desert

Heaven and earth will pass away

But His word will not go astray.



The sling and stone, pot of oil

That I have in my hands

It is enough, enough for me  x3