Sing a New Song in this New Year


Sing a new song in this New Year

Are you singing a song that is so old

It sends shivers down your spine

 makes you moan, sigh and cold?

It’s driving you crazy

Putting you in a frenzy

You’re tired of it, but you cannot shake it off

It has bound itself to you

Like a dead bird round your neck

It has foul smell, sounds a death knell

You long for a way to jettison it

Ditch it, enter a new Dawn, a New Morn

A New Day when the old is gone and he New has come.

Do you want to sing a new song in this new year?

If so know that it will not just happen because you desire it

You must come to the One Who gives a New Song

Confess to Him all your wrong

Give Him full sway in your in your life

He has to reign to rein in a New Song

Guide your path in His righteousness.

He will light your path, birth his life

Full of peace, full of heaven, full of hope

He will guide you into your Promised Land

Where your blessings will be like the stars

And even like the sands  in a sea shore.

Your problems will propel you to prosperity.

Your trials will bring a trail of triumphs.

You must have faith in the God of Hope

To turn your water into wine

As you do that which he bids

Even if it is ridiculous

Knowing that He brings

water out of a rock

He turns night into day

He even raises the dead

So He can give a New Song

He can turn your darkness

into His  glorious brightness

Just give Him your old Song

Yes, you may have sung the old song

For so long that you think that

that is all there is to life

But I dare to declare

To you that Jesus saves

Delivers, renews those who come

In humility, in repentance

He saves the best wine for the last time

With Him the old can go

And the New can come.

Revival can come

Rejuvenation can come

The valley of dry bone

Can rise as a mighty army

And you will sing a New Song.

So go to Him today

Give Him the old song

Pray for the New Song

Receive the New song

And sing this New Song.

Find the vision (3&4)

Find the vision (4)

‘Write the vision and make it plain’ Habakkuk 2:2

The thing with following God’s vision for you that’s really important to remember, is that whatever happens along the way, you’re in it together – God’s with you every step of the way. The chances are that at some point on your journey in following the vision, things will get a bit tough. Obstacles will spring up, people may even tell you that you’re a little young to do what God’s put on your heart. When that happens, go back to that bit of paper and remind yourself that this isn’t your vision, but God’s, and if He’s told you to go with it, that’s what you need to do. So don’t see obstacles as bad thingsinstead, face them head on, take a look at the tough moments, and see how they could make you stronger instead. What might look like an obstacle now could actually look more like a stepping stone helping you along when you look back on it later. Be encouraged by the story of Joseph in Genesis 39. His brothers sold him to slave traders, who sold him to Potiphar, who put him in prison where he met the butler, who introduced him to Pharaoh, who made him Prime Minister of Egypt – fulfilling his dream! He could have given up on his vision at any point during those tough times – but he didn’t. He trusted God, and God took him through it. Never stop following!


Find the vision (3)

‘Write the vision and make it plain’ Habakkuk 2:2

It’s one thing to find your vision, but that’s not enough – you’ve got to follow it too. What’s the use of having a present but never opening it, or knowing how to speak but never opening your mouth? An un-followed vision is just as useless! This is where the verse for these last few days really comes into its own. Grab a pen and paper right now – what are you waiting for? – and write down your vision. It may not be completely clear to you yet, but write it as plainly and simply as you can. What is it that you feel God is calling you to do? What dream has He given you? Maybe it’s to start up a youth service at church? Maybe to get involved in fair-trade? Maybe it’s to really throw yourself into Bible study so you can make sense of the Bible when you’re chatting to others? Maybe it’s to one day have a family of your own and to start preparing for that today? Maybe it’s to study hard so you can go to medical school and eventually become a doctor? It could be absolutely anything! Don’t worry how big or small it is – every person’s vision will be different – but get it down on paper. Now you need to come back to it every day, read it, remember it, and ask God to help you come up with a plan of action to make it happen. Start taking those first little steps forwards, and see where God takes you with it.


source UCB Jan 2011